April 21, 2021

Seasonal Floral Guide

There are two kinds of brides, in my opinion. First is the bride who knows exactly which flowers she wants in her wedding bouquet (and their scientific name to boot!). She’s familiar with seasonal colors and which flowers are at their best during her chosen season. The second bride is the gal that just knows whatever those flowers are; they must be pretty and smell heavenly! (Confession, I was this bride!) Whether your flower dreams blossom with delicate and cascading petals or they spring forth in bold statement pieces –your wedding florals are an opportunity to reflect your elegant style sense and set the romantic tone for your special day. 

Floral designs by Jerrye Gordon Events, as seen on Glamour & Grace

You can have any flower shipped in and arranged to meet your wedding needs for the right price in season or not.  It can be tempting to find faux flora in your favorite blooms when they are out of season. There are two primary issues with this approach, 1.) there is no replacement for the aroma of real flowers on your wedding day. Smells are one of the primary triggers for memories, and I want you to look at your photos and remember how glorious it smelled to stand at the altar under that floral arch. 2.) Real honest to goodness florals just photograph better! There is no way to replicate the depth of color that occurs in nature. Fortunately, florists are trained to know their botanicals!  If your favorite flower is out of season, trust your florist to create a similar look. Better yet, let her do it with the gorgeous, locally-based flowers and blossoms within your reach of your community.

3 Tips for Choosing your Floral Arrangements Based on your Region and Season:

Shop Locally
  1. Shopping locally and seasonally is the best way to find flowers you may love that will be the easiest to the source.   If you know you love the gentle, full pink petals of peonies, then planning for a spring wedding to include them may be an easy choice.  If you are getting married in winter, think about opting for the fragrant and lengthy greenery of eucalyptus.  Check with your florist to see what flowers are available for the time of year you are planning your wedding.   Be flexible about variants or similarly styled flowers if your first choice is not in season or readily available.  Natures’ gardens are abundant with beauty in all seasons.
Incorporate Greenery or Ribbon

2. When choosing locally, keep in mind that not all wedding flowers are about blooms and blossoms.  Think about incorporating some draping greenery, such as feathery ferns or dogwood, North Carolina’s very own state flower.  Greenery adds texture and depth to your florals, forming a tapestry of flowering beauty. Besides greenery, the vessels in which your flowers are placed and draped can add artistry and an element of flair.  Creative arrangement might look like putting your locally sourced florals beyond a vase to jars, antique boxes or baskets, or hanging among the greenery. Another variation that adds a high-end look and feel to your floral arrangements is using various ribbons. Naturally dyed silks are lightweight and luxurious and available in 100’s of colors. The way they add movement to a bouquet is enough to make this southern gal weak in the knees! Velvet ribbons are a nice touch, especially for winter and fall weddings – the heavier texture is well suited to the seasons and feels so lovely to hold. You can find both of these items at your local fabric shops, though I have also seen some gorgeous vintage ribbons at our antique shops if you need a little something old to carry with you! 

More is Less (You read that right!)

3. More is less when shopping locally in your region and by what is in season.  The more you shop florals in your area based on what is in season, the less you can expect to spend and the more money you free up toward other wedding or honeymoon expenses.  Keep in mind that some flowers bloom for a more extended time seasonally.  These longer-lasting flowers can be an excellent addition to your wedding flowers alongside shorter, more timely local blooms. 

Floral designs by Jerrye Gordon Events, as seen on Glamour & Grace

Planning the wedding of your dreams can be a delight and joy with the right resources and support. Don’t stress over finding the perfect flower; instead, choose a florist that you trust and helps you feel relaxed about the process. Sophisticated florals blooming with Southern charm can create the ideal backdrop for your special day and are within reach in your community.  

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