September 25, 2020

ENJOY Your Family Photo Session!

Family photo session scheduled. YAY!  Happy dance.  Okay, I get it..  At first you’re super pumped for your family photo session.  You have all of these visions and dreams of you and your kiddos running through a field, Dad is laughing and going with the flow, it’s magical… but the day arrives and FOMO kicks in.  All of those thoughts of what could go wrong start swirling.  You get a stain on your gorgeous dress as you’re rushing out the door, Dad is grouchy as all get out, the kids are arguing and the baby’s face is covered in dinner leftovers. 

By the time you arrive at your session, you are no longer feeling the excitement.  

Now, I know this is sometimes easier said than done, but please read this and take in every bit of it.  All of these moments, they are real life.  THIS.  This is what you are here for.  To capture this real life that you absolutely adore, at it’s best and at it’s messiest.  

My advice? ROLL WITH EVERY SINGLE BIT OF IT.  Play with those babies, tickle them, toss them in the air, cuddle them, even with their gerber covered little cheeks.  Let the kids run and play and get dirty.  Let them be kids. If there’s one thing I have learned, those babes feed off of your energy.   Let them live in this moment that you are trying so hard to hold onto by hiring a photographer to preserve those details so you never forget. Give Dad all the kisses, dance with one another, be silly.  Just have the most fun you can imagine.  Yes, we will get one or two of those posed images where everyone’s looking at the camera, but is that what really gets those emotions flowing?  

Candid images speak to me in a way that is indescribable.  So instead of letting your family photo session stress you out, reverse it.  Turn this into an adventure.  Have the most fun just being with YOUR people.

The recipe to a successful family session is as simple as that.  

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