I’m Summer! And like my name implies, I am warm, welcoming, and just so glad that you are here! 

My accent is about as southern as it gets, and I love me some Dolly Parton as much as the next gal, but my heart is hopelessly in love with all things old world. I can’t resist the pull of a dusty antique shop, delighting in all the heirlooms of days gone by. It’s probably why I became a photographer. Sure, weddings are beautiful and intimate, but there is nothing more romantic than preserving a love story for generations to come! 
I’m a storyteller by nature. Just think of me as your co-author to your wedding or family story, coming along to capture the moments that mean the most to you; beautiful light, romantic portraits, and deep belly laughs included. 


I’m living the small-town dream in the most darling coastal town of Shallotte, North Carolina. Literally...I live across from the beach, and it’s magical. Our days off are spent adventuring with my fireman, Joseph, and our children Easton and Harper. I’m obsessed with my cats (would you believe one of them is a professional Instagram model?), and I drink way too much coffee. We have a toy poodle named Charlie, who’s terribly naughty, and - lucky for him - very cute. I also know the dialog to all six seasons of Downton Abbey, though my accent is a little more Sweet Tea than High Tea.
 I want to tell the story of your love through timeless photographs, the kind that lasts long after the flowers have faded and candles are burnt. If heartfelt moments and genuine connection are your thing, or you’re the kind of gal that saved her granny’s handkerchief to carry down the aisle, how ‘bout we become friends? 

I can’t wait to get to know you!
All my love,    

- Summer

Summer is truly amazing! She captured all the love of our family on our wedding day. Above all else, she is the sweetest and kindest person! 


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 Sarah & Frank

My grandmother spent years collecting Blue Willow China, and as a child, I spent (what felt like) years pouring over the delicately depicted scenes in her collection. Together we would hunt antique shops for dishes to add to her shelves, or I would accompany my grandfather to pick a piece to give her as a gift. Now that particular shade of blue sparks a range of emotions from nostalgia to a tingle of pleasure. 

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Blue Willow China

I may seem a little reserved and proper when you first meet me, but friend, I love to get a little silly and have fun. Throw in some crazy hats and cute signs and you can sign me up! If there is a photo booth at your event, you better believe there will be a photo of me cheesin’ back at ya! 

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Photo BoothS

She was warmth, southern charm, and spunk all wrapped up into my favorite person this side of the Mississippi. All my favorite memories have her smack dab in the middle of them. From antiquing together to pouring over bins of faded family photos - Oh my! How she loved to tell stories of the people in those photos! She was my best friend. My grandma made me who I am, a lover of heirlooms, pretty old things, and preserving history for the people I love most.  

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My Grandma

I have known Joseph my whole life, but we don’t have one of those stories of knowing we were meant for each other since childhood. In fact, we barely spoke growing up! After reconnecting on social media, I realized that soft spoken, nerdy country boy had gotten real cute y’all! He’s still a country boy, and man, he sucked me right in. Our first date ended with dawn creeping in after laying in the grass looking at the stars all night long. As a hopeless romantic, I was done for! 

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my Love Story

We have two kids, Easton and Harper. They love animals, and Joseph will tell you that’s my doin’ (don’t judge, we are about to have a small zoo up in here with three cats and dog!) Easton is artistic and so funny. Harper loves to pull pranks and is just a little extra, what can I say? She gets it from her mama! 

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Our Babes

a love story

You don’t turn into a hopeless romantic without growing up seeing love worthy of its own fairytale. My grandparents were for me, better than any Rhett and Scarlett or Ingrid and Humphrey. Their love was timeless. Dillon, South Carolina was a popular elopement spot here back in the day, and at the ripe old age of 16 (she fibbed and told the minister she was 18!), my grandma pledged forever to my grandpa. And they lived it, serving each other with grace and generosity. 

The faded black and white photographs of their ceremony pulled me into my love for wedding photography. This epic love I watched growing up had a beginning, and looking at that image, I could feel what it felt like to be there. Now, I get to be the storyteller for other fairytale loves. Creating heirloom imagery for the next generation of hopeless romantics is what fills my cup! 

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